Exchange Resource Group/EquipEx is the Qualified Intermediary firm that's 100 percent dedicated to the success of your 1031 Exchange!

The 1031 Like-Kind Exchange, authorized in 1921 by § 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, is perhaps the most beneficial tax regulation ever implemented!

Our Impeccable Qualifications To Serve As Your Qualified Intermediary (QI)
At ERG/EquipEx, not only are we focused exclusively on the facilitation of 1031 Exchanges, but we also meet or exceed all federal and state QI requirements. To this end, we maintain:

• A Certified Exchange Specialist® on staff
• A separate, signature-locked Qualified Escrow Account for each client’s 1031 Exchange proceeds
• Client accounts exclusively within U.S.-based, FDIC-insured institutions
• Our guarantee to stand with every client in the event of an IRS review, at no additional cost
• Cyber Liability coverage of $1 million per occurrence (not required by law, but in place for additional protection of client proceeds)

We are dedicated to the preservation of Section 1031 and to the proper, ethical facilitation of 1031 Exchanges. We have a Certified Exchange Specialist® on staff and actively support the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA). We facilitate 1031 Exchanges encompassing all types of real estate: single- and multi-family rental properties, office, retail, warehouse and industrial buildings, fractional ownership interests (such as DSTs and TICs), water and mineral rights, raw land and more.


A Simple Definition of Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) allows an Exchanger (a U.S. Taxpayer) to defer normal income and capital gain taxes otherwise due on the sale of one or more properties (assets) when reinvesting in one or more like-kind properties.

Primary benefits of a 1031 Exchange

  • Borrow less, reinvest more! Improve cash flow and build wealth faster by keeping proceeds that would otherwise be due in taxes working for you or your organization.
  • Protect and add value to your estate.
  • If taxes eventually become due because you sell and do not complete another Exchange, you pay the deferred tax in future dollars that are worth less than today’s dollars (inflation effect).

By successfully following IRC Section 1031 rules, a taxable event resulting from a sale does not occur and gain is deferred rather than realized.

More Money For You… Less For The IRS
For decades, real estate investors have utilized 1031 Exchanges to trade up to more expensive or lucrative properties while deferring capital gain, normal income taxes and depreciation recapture. In recent years many individuals and business owners / decision makers in a wide variety of industries including real estate management/investment, construction, oil & gas, manufacturing and farming/agriculture, among others, have begun to put Section 1031 Exchanges to work for the betterment of their financial well being.

For more information on 1031 Exchanges, or to set up a free 1031 Exchange consultation to talk about how we can help you with your next real estate reinvestment, replacement or diversification, please call (303) 579-5545, or e-mail .

ERG/EquipEx is located in the metro Denver, Colorado area. We handle 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges for U.S. Taxpayers located anywhere; for individuals and all types and sizes of businesses.

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