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Welcome to our news page! We routinely post industry related news, tips, and insider information. Our goal is to support those seeking 1031 Exchange insight and provide unsurpassed service to every Exchanger we have the pleasure of working with. As a dedicated Qualified Intermediary for 1031 Exchanges, EquipEx is here to save you time, stress and ultimately money!

Federal Policy Update: Some Tax Extenders Expired as of 1-1-15

Section 168 “Bonus Depreciation” is again expired, while Section 179 “Depreciation Allowance” reverts to a $25k maximum allowance with a $200k investment cap. Congress will likely revisit these investment incentives again this year, with debate over broad scale tax reform continuing as well.

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Federal Policy Update: Tax Extenders Signed Into Law

This federal legislation, including reinstatement of Section 168 and expanded limits for Section 179, was approved by the Senate on Dec 17 and signed into law by the President on Dec 19. The measures are retroactive to Jan 1, 2014 and will expire on Dec 31, 2014.

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Federal Policy Update: Sections 168 and 179

Senate yet to vote on the Tax Extenders package, which includes reinstatement of Section 168 at a "50% bonus" level, and Section 179 to it's former, higher levels of $500k deduction/$2MM investment ceiling. Vote expected this week, then Obama's sign-off needed.

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Federal Policy Update: 168 and 179 reinstatement

Congress is expected to reinstate Section 168 and Section 179 this week. The measures will take effect retroactively to Jan 1, 2014 and cover 2014 only. 168: "Bonus Depreciation" or "Special Bonus Depreciation" allows taxpayers to depreciate an additional 50% of the...

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What is “Like-Kind”?

In a Section § 1031 Like-Kind Exchange, real property is generally like-kind to any other real property (i.e. vacant land may be exchanged for an apartment building and an office building for a strip mall). For personal property, like-kind is defined by one of two...

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Federal Policy Update

Congress is considering legislation to make Section 168 Bonus Depreciation and Section 179 Depreciation Allowance permanent. Insiders believe this matter will be shelved until after November 2014 elections. 168 is currently expired for 2014. Congress may reinstate it...

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1031 Exchanges for All (Types of Assets)

If it's an asset, you can exchange it via Section 1031 (well, it's nearly that broad). With very few exceptions including stock in trade, stocks, bonds, notes and certain ownership interests, any business-use or investment asset is eligible for a 1031 Exchange under...

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