EquipEx fees are typically well below $1,000 for common 1031 Exchanges. If your organization has a fully depreciated piece of property (equipment, vehicle, etc.) to replace that will fetch as little as $10k, you’re better off with a 1031 Exchange than without. Here’s why in numbers: 1) you will owe $0 in federal tax (and most likely the same in state tax) rather than $3k+ without a 1031, a 20-25+% net cash flow improvement and tax deferral; 2) if you keep the replacement property for some years and its value at time of eventual sale is half of what you paid for it, you’ll owe tax only on the sale amount and your tax deferral becomes hard tax savings; 3) the $3k you kept working for you means $3k less that you had to borrow (from your bank or operating cash), a value of perhaps 5% ($150) per year – 1031 fees are covered in 4-6 years, not including other benefits as described above. Larger value 1031 Exchanges reap even larger percentage savings because fees increase minimally, if at all.