Dollar SignEven a relatively expensive Qualified Intermediary (QI) charges a small percentage of the immediate tax deferral amount and potential long-term savings attainable with a Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange. As an example, say you have a fully-depreciated asset worth $100k that you wish to replace or upgrade (selling land in one spot and buying in another or selling older equipment and buying new or newer in its place). The average U.S. business has a 30% or-so federal tax rate, so you’re looking at reducing your next tax bill by $30k. Even if your QI charges you $3k, you’ve paid them a mere 10% of your potential benefit amount and netted $27k more cash flow and tax deferral via the Exchange. EquipEx (on the more affordable end of the QI spectrum) charges less than $1,000 for facilitating a typical 1031 Exchange. We routinely tell clients that starting at just $5k in taxable gain exposure, a 1031 is worth exploring with your tax professional and us.