Smart QI Services for Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges

EquipEx is proud to announce its merger with Exchange Resource Group (ERG): same service and security excellence; greater combined expertise!
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As a dedicated Qualified Intermediary (QI) for Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges, we deliver complete confidence for your 1031 Exchange! We offer personalized service and expertise, including a Certified Exchange Specialist® on staff. We’re located in the Denver, Colorado area and assist U.S. taxpayers everywhere in completing these valuable Exchanges.

Set up a Free 1031 Exchange Consultation! We’re happy to answer your questions & let you know how we can help you achieve “More Cash, Less Tax” when you’re ready to make a real estate reinvestment. Please call (720) 266-6095 in the Denver area, (855) 313-7080 nationwide, visit our Contact Us page, or email .

By properly completing a 1031 Exchange (aka 1031, Starker Exchange, Tax-Deferred Exchange, Like-Kind Exchange or LKE), organizations and individuals defer tax, improve cash flow and add value over time when replacing or upgrading a wide range of business-use or investment properties:

• commercial buildings
• retail complexes
• rentals including single- or multi-family, destination properties, apartments, condominiums and student housing
• industrial and warehouse facilities
• water and mineral rights (as applicable based on state law)
• raw land
• long-term leasehold interests
• fractional ownership investments including Tenant In Common and Delaware Statutory Trust structures

When you defer taxes (potentially indefinitely thru an ongoing series of 1031 Exchanges) more money stays in your hands. Cash flow improves; ultimately contributing to greater growth potential and a healthier bottom line or higher-value portfolio!

Located in metropolitan Denver, Colorado, ERG facilitates all types of IRC Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges for c-corporations, s-corporations, LLCs, sole proprietorships, partnerships and individuals. ERG cannot and does not provide tax advice. Please consult with your tax and legal professionals regarding your particular situation and objectives before participating in an IRC Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange.

“I’ve experienced firsthand the superior level of care & coordination that EquipEx provides to clients, as compared to other Qualified Intermediaries.”

Anthony H.

Harrigan Teegarden Private Wealth Management

“With the assistance of EquipEx we helped a seller of a portable storage company defer a substantial part of his tax liability in a swift and efficient manner.”

Anders N.

Box Credit, LLC (A California Finance Company)

Certified Exchange Specialist® on staff.

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“Washington state law, RCW 19.310.040, requires an exchange facilitator to either maintain a fidelity bond in an amount of not less than one million dollars that protects clients against losses caused by criminal acts of the exchange facilitator, or to hold all client funds in a qualified escrow account or qualified trust that requires your consent for withdrawals. All exchange funds must be deposited in a separately identified account using your taxpayer identification number. You must receive written notification of how your exchange funds have been deposited. Your exchange facilitator is required to provide you with written directions of how to independently verify the deposit of the exchange funds. Exchange facilitation services are not regulated by any agency of the state of Washington or of the United States government. It is your responsibility to determine that your exchange funds will be held in a safe manner.”

“You are wonderful!”

Cici S.

Real Estate Investor

“I’ve been promoting you everywhere I have a chance… telling people that if they need a 1031 Exchange they need to look you up. I’m real pleased with the job. I talked to the people at (name omitted) Title Company and they were pleased with their association with you. I told them to refer their clients to you – someone that will take care of them. We’ll do business again!”

Claude G.

Real Estate Investment Firm

“EquipEx’s experts saved us over $52,000 in immediate tax exposure. We didn’t know a thing about Like-Kind Exchange; now we’ll tap into it whenever we have reinvestments to make.”

Rick J.

Transportation and Storage Company

Colorado state law, CO HB1254 2009, CRS 6-1-721, affords essentially the same protections to Exchangers as the Washington state law referenced to the left. On behalf of every § 1031 Like-Kind Exchange client, ERG/EquipEx meets or exceeds all such protections.